Glock 19X Pistol for Sale


FinishFlat Dark Earth PVD
ActionSafe Action
Barrel Length4.02″
Capacity19 + 1
SightsNight Sights


Glock 19X Pistol for Sale

The Glock 19x Pistol For Sale is the first pistol in the Glock lineup to come from the factory with a colored slide. Glock states that this coating is impervious to the elements and gives the gun greater durability. While this remains to be seen, the texture is something I find very fulfilling. It is just “grippy” enough that I am able to perform press checks by holding the front of the slide, where there are no serrations.

Magazine capacity comes in at 17 rounds with the flush-fitting magazine that the pistol ships with, and 19 rounds with the two magazines fitted with +2 baseplate extensions. A quick note here: The gen 5 magazines with the longer lip on the baseplate will NOT work with the 19x due to the aforementioned “flare” at the bottom of the grip.

GLOCK introduced the G19X to the commercial market at the end of January 2018 at the SHOT Show, the industry’s annual tradeshow.  As seen through the receipt of notable awards such as Best New Handgun and Best Overall Shooting Sports new item at various distributor shows, the G19X reinforces the company’s reputation for unmatched performance, dependability, and production expertise. Glock 19x Pistol For Sale

The manual safety required by the DOD is missing on the commercially available variant and has caused some frustration from collectors and owners. However, Glock has not, to my knowledge, ever released a pistol in the U.S. with a manual safety, so this continues that tradition. Also, the 19x will fit most 19 holsters, provided the ambidextrous slide lock will clear. Adding a manual safety would necessitate new holsters for many regular 19 owners. Glock 19x Pistol For Sale.

Also onboard the 19x is the much-touted Glock Marksman Barrel. With an improved muzzle crown, traditional land, and groove rifling instead of the typical polygonal rifling Glock use, Glock claims these new barrels can halve the group measurements of traditional polygonal barrels. While I can neither confirm nor deny Glock’s statement, I can attest that I did, in fact, get tighter groupings with the 19x than my 19 Gen4. Whether it is the barrel, or what I consider other improvements, I cannot say.

As expected with Glock, I experienced zero reliability issues when firing the 19. I found the full-sized grip to be a joy to shoot with, and despite having been one of the relatively few to like the finger grooves on Gen 4 models, found the groove-less grip very pleasant. The night sights are more precise than the traditional Glock U-dot factory configuration. The Tritium inserts glow brightly at night, and the white circle outlines present a good reference in daylight conditions. Glock 19x Pistol For Sale

In scouring the internet, it is easy to find any number of gripes about the 19x from Glock owners. Many are upset that Glock went with the long grip/ short slide configuration instead of the short grip/ long slide many have been asking for. The reasoning is that a grip is the hardest part of a gun to conceal, and the slide length being a tad longer will deliver a longer sight radius and increased velocity. From the concealed carry perspective, this makes sense. However, the 19x was not designed for concealed carriers. It was designed first and foremost as a duty sidearm to be carried by the military. As such, per the DOD’s stipulations, it was built to spec.


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